The idea of Tortilla was born when Walter and Gustavo began hitting the streets, serving Mexican food out of a food trailer. They knew that allowing people to customize their meal options, giving fast and friendly service, and serving food out of a truck that was better quality than many restaurants, they would gain success.


#Fryways Is A Gourmet, Quick Serve, French Fry Concept That Offers The Best Fries That You'll Ever Find. "Come With Love, Eat With Love, Fall In Love, Leave In Love!”


Yellow Boy’s Polish Boys is a mobile food concession group founded in June 2011.

Bake Me Happy

We’re often asked how we got started in the gluten-free business. The short answer is that within our own family we discovered an intolerance to gluten that necessitated a change in diet. The broader answer is that, because we personally know how it feels to require a not-quite-mainstream diet, we’re committed to making it easier for other gluten-free folks to enjoy delicious food that doesn’t separate them from their gluten-full friends and family.

Skyward Grille

Skyward Grille began in 1987 as a small gyro push cart company operating the streets of downtown Columbus from a commissary on West Broad Street in Franklinton.

Land-Grant Brewing Co.

Columbus-based, craft brewery focused on creating championship-quality craft beer, they were born from a passion for painstakingly-crafted beer, powerful design, and a mid-western sports devotion.   

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